Monday, April 25, 2011

It's done it's done it's done!

I procrastinated forever about getting the scrappy border on. And then I took a while to audition some single fabric borders. And then I finally just put my big girl panties on and finished the quilt. It makes me so happy.

I tried to get a nice hanging shot but it was too windy to go with a tree or the fence and my husband? He's brilliant, clever, and funny. He does the dishes, takes the trash out, and spends his days teaching English to thankless high school kids. He's a saint. But holding up quilts for photos is not one of his strong suits. Witness:

I particularly like the bunchy bits at the top where he's got the fabric clenched in his fists and the drapey corners. I love him. Eventually he got tired of me saying "Higher.." or "To the left.." and I got this look:

He's too good to me to have to put up with my whinging at him about how this, so that's the point where I headed inside and got the kitchen floor shot.

My laser stylus for my frame machine (a Pfaff GQ I got for a steal complete with frame) gets here tomorrow and I'll put a nice swirly pattern on it, something that will just play with the surface without trying to compete with the fabrics. And then?

It's not quite right for our house, I'm still toying with letting my mother-in-law auction it off for her church auction. Or possibly a sale on eBay for charity. It wouldn't even be a big sale, I'd feel bad even considering it because my workmanship isn't at a professional level. When it comes to a worthy cause, any amount is a good amount.

I'd joke about how the complete engine replacement last week (to the tune of a number that starts with number greater than 3 and has a comma in it) makes me a charity, but the truth is that there are causes out there I'd love to be able to contribute to while still engaging in my hobby. We do what we can in other arenas; community service, giving of our time and resources, and I don't make quilts for any grand purpose but if someone liked one enough take it home in exchange for helping to make sure there are plenty of supplies for a place like this? That's pretty good in my book.


  1. It looks beautiful. I love the fabrics. There are great secondary patterns in this quilt. Is it your own design?

  2. Great job! I think your Eventide looks wonderful. Auction off or maybe a graduation gift or a wedding gift would be perfect. I think whoever gets it will love it. I think it is just perfect!A lot of time and love was put into it.It says summertime to me.

  3. Very lovely--i agree with brenda...whoever receives this will be thrilled! :-)

  4. Congratulations!! It's just beautiful!

  5. Fabulous Eventide!! I just love the fabrics. Your quilt holder cracks me up:)

  6. wow, what a beautiful quilt.
    Have a nice day l