Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AQS Lancaster Mission Debrief

OMG. Feet. So. Tired. But worth every second! Mom, C- (bff) and I went to AQS Lancaster last weekend and shopped until they kicked us out. We stared at the displays and drooled over longarms and even squealed a little over some nifty patterns. And we learned some lessons. Here's what we learned at the Lancaster Quilt Show this year:

The First Step to Recovery is Admitting You Have a Problem

Now, granted, that's the haul for all three of us but still.... I think we may have a problem.

C- went a little nuts with the oriental fabrics, she's dreaming of a bargello.

Me? I just grabbed up stuff I'd been drooling over. I also stocked up on the John James Gold'n'Glides which are hard to find around here and ridiculous to ship for something that weighs less than a penny. I got some fabrics I'd been thinking about but wanted to see in person first, and some that just made me smile. And I got a stack of 100 4" squares of 30's repro prints. I have NO idea what I'm going to do with them but they're making me happy. Here's my haul:

And see this stack of Riley Blake Bloom and Grow? Mine! All mine! No idea what it'll be but it's stacked up next to my sewing machine being wonderful at me.

Oh, and there were quilts, too. Here's the Best in Show beauty. It's just this amazing swirl of colors and detail and painstaking precision.

And here's my favorite. I just wanted to crawl inside it and fall asleep on the window seat.

I have inspiration and fabric and goodies and tools and all kinds of ideas. I also got some quality time with two of my favorite people in the world and the best sandwich I've ever had. A rousing success!

I'll leave you with this view. I like this shot because it makes it look like the fabric stretches on forever... ah, if only.


  1. GORGEOUS. You make me want to learn to quilt! (Or, um, sew at all?)

    Such pretty fabrics!

  2. Can I come shopping at your house?
    I NEED to go to that quilt show next year...but I'm afraid ....