Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quilts in progress: The Scrappy Circle Edition

Chloe's been getting a touch too big for the quilt she uses at daycare so I wanted to make her a bigger one. I went for scrappy, machine quilted, and fast because I know that this will get serious use and some amount of beating up. She's a toddler, they're not known for being delicate with their things.

I dug in my scrap boxes and found some of the girliest, sweetest stuff I could. The border is kind of a random piano keys thing. I took leftover bits from after I cut the circles and made them all 2" wide and then just however long they wanted to be. So all the pieces of the border are different lengths. I think it both adds to the scrappiness and pulls it all together. This isn't a masterpiece but it makes me happy to look at it and I know that Chloe will be warm and cozy underneath it.

I've been bringing it to work to pick out the decorative stitch I put around the narrow pink border (mistake! mistake!) so I took the opportunity to get some pictures of it even though it's not bound yet and so the batting is hanging all over the place.

Here it is lounging around on the conference table, basking in the afternoon sun. It's so -OMG the glare! the glare! I have to quit taking cell phone pictures with direct sun shining on white muslin. Yikes.

Here's a decent shot of the borders and the basic loopy quilting. I love that pink paisley, it's so stinkin' girly.

But this one, this is my favorite. I don't know why but something about the juxtaposition of the kind of formal stripes with the bright pinks and yellows just floats my boat.

Ah, here's our darling out of the direct sunlight. I ended up draping it over a railing in the office and all the coworkers are like "Have you lost your mind?" Possibly. Quite possibly.

But I've enjoyed every moment.
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