Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Strawberry Parfait Part 2

Where were we? Oh yes, all the little lovelies all ready to go. I put them in a bag and shook it up and randomly pulled them out to sew on. I only put one back if it was exactly the same as one touching it. The randomness turned out really well.

Here's the first of the blocks assembled. The place where it looks like I accidentally added in another white triangle instead of a red (upper left of the center diamond) is really a white with red stars on it. It's reading really light but it's not a problem. I may embroider around it. I may decide I just don't care and anyone who is close enough to see and critique it is close enough for me to punch in the nose.

And here we are all laid out on the "design wall" (large piece of felt hung from my living room bookcases, but hey, it works!) and looking so happy. this is just the top half, the rest will go on soon. I'm so pleased so far. And I promise, after this, no more cell phone pictures on the web!

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